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Hack name: I'm not actually working towards a hack right now. From what I've seen people don't respond positively to people trying to make hacks that don't know any skills to help. My main goal is to learn these skills so that later on I may make a hack.

Hack of: (See above)

Finished percentage: (I'll just say out of how many skills I've learned.)

Your hacking skills:
None yet, really.

What help or skill you're looking for:
Mapping (Including world mapping)
Music editing
Spriting (Including OW)
Titlescreen editing
Trainer editing
I basically want to learn anything about ROM hacking you're willing to teach me.

Additional contact information: Either here on PC.
MSN/Yahoo at: [email protected]
or at my personal Myspace page:

Additional information:
I'm looking for teachers and/or mentors to help me learn how to ROM hack so that I may ROM hack here in the community in the future. I'm aimed toward D/P/P, but am perfectly willing to look into older games as well.
I'm ok with more than one teacher. In fact I encourage it. (Otherwise I'll be bugging that one person all the time. This way I can learn faster and hopefully not take up the same peoples time constantly doing it.) So please, send me a PM, add me on MSN, or both, and there's always Myspace if for some reason you prefer that.