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    Originally Posted by xiraiya View Post
    Game: Pokemon Emerald (US)

    Player's name: JAY

    Playing time: 69:58

    Number of Badges: 8

    Location: Battle Frontier, Pokemon Center

    Current Party:
    Swampert LV:47
    Alakazam LV:57
    Shelgon LV:49
    Blaziken LV:49
    Swellow LV:46
    (If for some reason they aren't in the party they'll be in a box)

    Pokémon in box: Yes

    Save type: 128k Flash

    Additional information: Pokedex caught: 166, save file is "almost" completely legit, only cheat I ever was to grab the tickets and enable the event islands which is almost the only way to do it now.
    All pokemon are completely Legit, I'm really fussy with my pokemon, absolutely hate the thought of hacked pokemon, there is a shiny groudon in a box from a ruby player I traded with and I am 99% sure it is legit, I also have the US bonus disk Jirachi as well.

    (All Legendaries are in box 14, all mine and Jirachi are untouched, shiny Groudon which wasn't mine had been touched though.)

    One last note, anyone who can find a way to use this Save to Migrate to D/P let me know since I would really like to grab a copy of some of the Pokemon over Wi-fi or something.
    hi , can u still place the svs file of that saved game because without that it wont work !
    thank you