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    I have another idea...

    Pokemon Tales of Glory

    Okay. This would be a series of three games all set in the same region, with one made in Red/Blue, one Gold/Silver, and one in Ruby/Sapphire. In each game you play as a young boy/girl who has a unique adventure with different parts, one has a run of the mill gym challenge, another finds himself/herself in the middle of a gang war, and one is younger then the rest and has to capture a mysterious time travel Pokemon that takes them to different time zones.

    And here is how they link together, the boy/girl from the first game grows up, becomes a Gym Leader and then has three children, one of which is the character from the second game, this boy/girl goes abroad in his/her teens and comes back as a 19 year old, who then has a fantastic contest career before retiring at the age of 28, settling down and being the father/mother of the main character from the third game.