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    Originally Posted by ShadowDeeps View Post
    I do concede that Caterpie's prevalent victory and abrupt evolution was a tad bemusing in the context of things (especially comparing the anime to the games), but it's not the first time it's been done in a series, nor the last. I still feel Misty's and Ash's interactions, as well as the other character's and Pokémon, are intriguing in an episode like this, and this is the first episode where Team Rocket begin to lapse into the comedic villain role... which works, because it adds to their character and doesn't seem vapid and threadbare yet (by my view, they seem unique, and not just like any other set of villains).
    Right, the Rockets' lighter side peaked out on this one, though, it would be the Clefairy one (3 episodes later) where it's front and center and forevermore. At this point, I think it's clear the writers were uncertain which way to go with the trio, as the previous episode had them so serious. Again, it's that's dark potential that I discussed in the Emergency discussion, which impacted this episode for me. Particularly, as their role was split: comedic, yet competent (i.e., the Pokemon battle).

    In terms of character study, this was a good one for them, which isn't something I say often on this series.
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