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Trainers you can't edit?

This is for Fire Red

I'm trying to edit trainers for my custom Gym. I changed Brocks Pokemon fine, and went to change the camper in the Pewter Gym (he's 08E). Normally his Pokemon are a Geodude (10) and a Sandshrew (11). I'm trying to change them to a Bellsprout (12)and a Bulbasaur (12).

When I load this trainer in Pet, his Pokemon are listed as Level 10 Geodude and a Level 0 ??. I edited the Pokemon to Bellsprout and Bulbasaur, and tested it.

He had Bellsprout (12) and Sandshrew (11).

So I tried changing the Pokemon again. Bulbsaur first, then Bellsprout.

He had Bulbasaur (12) and Sandshrew (11).

I really want to fix this but I'm not sure why its not working.