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    Originally Posted by Ripper View Post
    Hey Zel, I know you've said that you'll make it so you can catch every Pokemon (386), does that include the other Johto starters? I don't suppose you'll tell us how we'll get those :D
    I do remember one of his goals with Shiny Gold was to make it a perfectly standalone game. If I remember correctly, it bothered him that Nintendo tried to squeeze money out of us by making two games to complete a Pokedex. So, it's quite likely. I'd imagine they'd be given to you somewhere, but much further down the road. For some reason, the Shiny Gold Dex that I downloaded only listed about 20 pokemon, showing many of those to be unobtainable, but not listing the three Johto starters. As such, it's likely you can find 'em To be honest, I dunno. Don't have any free time anymore. X_X

    Originally Posted by nfernal_rat
    Ok well..... I found nothing on youtube either i'm dumb or well i'm dumb i seriously need help....
    As stated many times before, you will likely need to start your game over if your emulator was not set to 128k save when you began the game. Start it clean, delete the old save file (use the actual save file (.sav) on the computer, not just in game. Dunno if just deleting the one ingame does anything, but to be sure, delete the one off your hard drive). If it's not that, then I'm at a loss. You may've double patched your ROM (which is bad) or you could simply have a ROM that does not work. Whatever the case, I hope you get it to work soon. Please keep in mind that if it is a Flash 128k problem, and you still neglect to start over, you will not be able to continue beyond the Elite Four of Johto, as if I'm correct, it's a prompted save.
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