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    Originally Posted by nunnes0906 View Post
    I've Starded to play Shiny Gold X Version B5, but something is intrigating me... Is it normal my 1st pokémon choosen Cyndaquil ( now is a Quilava) doesn't obey my attack orders..?
    Check your Trainer Name. If it's changed from what you originally had then your Pokemon won't obey you. THis is a glitch which still is a mystery to everyone, for some reason the last character of your name is delted occasionally.

    Hehe I just finished Beta 5...

    I'm sure you're planning on giving Koga a walking sprite but to be honest, he's so much awesome without one. The wat he floats... aw man, that's so awesome :D

    Obviously you realise there are very small mistakes with scripting length (i.e. some characters/red triangle) being partly off the page in some parts) but I assume you're not going to change this. There is one sign I read that needs to be slightly changed - it's the one in the Celadon Dept. for the floor with the Pokedoll. On the wall it states that there are Stones to be bought, but I can't see any :D I think I picked up on a few small errors but I'm sure you know about them and they aren't that important anyway (like how when you enter some places you get the little first person view and it's all wrong).

    By the way, one of my favourite parts of the game is after you defeat the E4 and the game scrolls through all the different maps and you see all the old glitchy ones :D
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