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    By the way, I have one more question about some of the maps. It's not too important but it is worth of note. Some of the gatehouses are in full view so you can see where they end - into a bunch of trees. It looks kind of strange becuase you know for a fact you don't end up in trees, but on the road. I think you've done it the same way as in Gold but for graphics purposes it looks mighty strange. Were you ever planning on changing that?

    Also, the same thing occurs in some cities (mainly Saffron). When you enter a Gatehouse from the Celadon side you can see about 7 or 8 tiles of road/fence on the Saffron side. When you come out on the Saffron side however, there are only about three. Just for continuation purposes it looks slightly strange. The same occurs when entering from Lavender. Also, when you leave Saffron heading north you can see that above the northernmost buildings (Gym, Dojo etc.) there is grass, yet when you come out on the Celadon side of the gatehouse there are trees when you look down. It's being pety and it's not that important but I love it when hackers pay the uttermost impoirtance to minor details.

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