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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Whatever happened to Apocalypse?
Anyways, this looks pretty good although the storyline is a little confusing.
I am also against the using of other people's tiles but hey, it's your hack.
Anyways, this look very promising. Keep up the good work.
Oh and I don't mean to seem arrogant but will I be mentioned in the credits (you know, for all the help with mapping and all of my time spent writing ratings essays)?
Um, unless you rate one of my maps that will be displayed in the game you won't be in the credits (None of my maps I showed you are in this)

I kinda made Apocalypse crash somehow, and I had no backup, so I competely made a new hack. Soooo, yeah.

Originally Posted by ShinyL View Post
I think you should change the name of this Hack into... I don't know, but "Pokèmon Distant" doesn't seem nice...

Well, help me come up with a name then