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    Hi everyone I am goning to tell you every single detail on inserting
    pokemon into those 25 empty slots. Here are the sections. Valid for all gba genration games.
    (Sorry, but untill I get more comments I won't update the tut becuase if know one likes it there's is no point ( I encourage critisicm because then I know what to update and make more clear))

    Indexing Sprites.
    Inserting sprites
    Repointing Sprites
    Stats edit
    Icon repointing and editing NEW
    and Cry editing(coming when someone PMs me on how to do it)

    21/09/08 added basics, posted thread.
    21/09/08 inserted detail, for easier understanding
    26/09/08 Added a little bit
    14/11/08 Icon Editing tuorial inserted

    (and adding transparent coulour)


    You will need
    Irfan View
    Your sprite(64x64 pixels)

    THis is really simple first open IrfanView and open your sprite in it.
    Then go Image>decrease coulour depth>16 colours
    Then click save as Gif and choose youre transparent colour simple!



    You will need
    An indexed sprite(front, back or both)
    A hex editor(cygnus free edition is used here)
    and Unzl GBA

    Open Unzl GBA and click open file.
    Don't go any where but go straight to import.
    Then open youre sprite.
    Then click write to rom.
    You will four check boxes tick the two on the left, Don't do anything yet but what i just
    told you.
    Open youre hex editor.
    Scroll down untill you see a bunch of 0's or F's in the middle of the
    screen.(about halfway)
    Look at the left column, you will see a bunch of numbers.
    like this(example)
    ......00546000 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00
    00546010 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00
    00546020 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00
    00546030 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00
    00546040...ect.(the zeros are Fs in fire red)
    remember 2 of these but they need to be at least 4 spaces apart!
    (aka. i would pick 546000 and 546040 (the two zeros at the beginning aren't important)).
    Go back to Unzl GBA and type in in the two blanks the numbers you
    saw. But the bottom one first (AKA 546040
    546000 not 546000
    546040 because otherwise the pallette will destroy the larger image file!)
    Do this for the front and back sprite.


    You will need
    Pokemon editor pro
    a pokemon rom with youre sprite inserted

    Open pokemon editor pro and then open youre rom.
    Scroll down to youre pokemon(one of the 25 slots after celebii) and you will see 5 text bars on the right
    with hex numbers in them.
    ON the pokemon pallette bit type in the socond nhex number from the last bit
    so for me it would be.546000.
    And on the pokeomn front sprite put in the first number (546040 for me).
    (if you want you can use advnce starter to put that pokemon into youre game and see if it has come out right)

    Stats Edit


    You will need
    Pokemon Editor Pro
    A rom with a pokemon inserted

    Open up Pokemon Editor Pro and then open up your rom and from there the thing is self explainitory.

    Icon Editing


    You will need
    Pokemon Editor Pro
    A Rom

    OK, To start off, open pokemon editor pro. Then, in that open your rom. Scroll down to the pokemon you desire and on the right hand side you will see something saying loads of offsets. Go to the one which says Icon Offset and change the offset to an empty space. Then open IconEd and Happy editing.

    P.S There is a complete tut on but ther are some stuff there which are quite hard to understand or completely not explained. And I found out that you can easily repoint the icon on pokemon editor pro and also I want to add how to change the cry plus I want to know how to disable the pokedex in wild events.
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