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    Originally Posted by diegolovespika View Post
    This is what I think about the 25 slots:

    Ruby and Saphire were based off of Crystal but (almost) completely reprogrammed. Back in the day of Crystal, you had to have a new Pokemon for every Unown letter (there were 26 for the 26 letters in the Alphabet). But when they overhauled the code, they left in the extra Unowns until after they had programmed all the Pokemon. Then they went back and programmed the Unown Shape Byte into the Random Pokemon Generator in the game, thus eliminating the need for those extra 25 Unowns. They moved the Pokemon after Unown into those slots, but they didn't feel like moving the Hoenn Pokemon, so they just left those slots open.

    So they actually were other Pokemon, and Celebi and the others are actually old Unowns, while Empty Slot 25 used to be Celebi. Get it?

    Boy, that was a long post.

    EDIT: Boy, I sure hope that you get the Cry Editing Tutorial in.
    Gold and Silver came from the same source... Then they made Crystal... Instead of making a new Game when they reached the advanced Generation, they made Ruby and Saphirre over Crystal? and Then Emerald, Fire red and Leaf green...
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