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    Originally Posted by diegolovespika View Post
    Was that Title Screen Cry Changer the one that I posted here?
    Title Screen Cry Changer
    I believe so.

    Originally Posted by master morty
    Originally Posted by Pokemon Professor
    Hm, still unclear stuff. Are you sure it shouldn't be saved as a .png? I did .gif and it came out werid (and with the Unown cry - yes this proves those 25 spots are for Unown). I'm going to try again later. I found a Title Screen Cry Changer but not a standard cry changer. The TSCC only goes from #1-#251 though but it's still nice.

    EDIT: I used indexed .pngs instead as that seemed to be the correct way. This time, instead of getting the distorted and weird image... it froze when I select the Pokéball containing the newly adde Pokémon [Bonsly]. It did play the Unown cry before it froze and continued playing the BGM afterwards but I couldn't do anything at all. an anyone help me at all?

    to edit pokemon cries use pokecry GUI by LoadingNow you can get it in elite map.

    p.s. make sure that when you choose the wav and hit encode that the wav is an 8 bit wav. you'll deeply regret it if it's not... trust me
    I don't know if it will work for me. I don't think I've tried it with my Fire Red OM yet but... I heard it messes up other cries. I guess I can backup the ROM and try it.

    Originally Posted by torferno lvl-x
    I use Gifs and they work fine, did you make sure that when you repointed that the pallette was first and the graphics were second and the were 4 spaces apart!
    I will add screenies when I hav made more than 15 posts.
    And please point out faults in this tutorial for me, thanks poke professor
    I think I know the problem. unLZ.gba does the deep scan thing at the beginning. I was going to change FR's title screen and then realised that in unLZ.gba, when you're looking to rip the images (how do you do that by the way? The pkmnhackersonline tutorial didn't explain it in detail), 2009 in FR is the Pokemon logo. It wouldn't display so I rescanned the ROM (after putting it in the EliteMap directory) and it worked. I'll try again tomorrow - it might work this time. I should avoiding setting transparency when indexing though, right? Or does it not matter?
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