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    Originally Posted by The Graceful Assassin View Post
    If DDD just got lucky that would be an odd time to get lucky then XD

    anyway even if it doesnt work im still breeding for a good IV elekid GL all.
    Believe it or not I think I just got lucky, that's all. But as I said before, I HAVE to credit it, because if it weren't for this whole fiasco, I wouldn't have a hatched shiny Vulpix right now.
    I'm still going to hatch Schroomishes though.

    Originally Posted by toile98 View Post
    can i become a member and what game are you using for shiney hunting

    chaining is sometimes hard but what does it chaining do
    my best chain is 13in a row with a bidoof
    You have to wait for a Leader to admit you into the club.... and we're using 3rd Gen (GBA) and 4th Gen (DS). You can use GSC but they won't really count. I wouldn't want to get a shiny on there anyways cuz I couldn't really do anything with it.

    If you've chained before then you should know how to. Find the same Pokemon over and over for 40 times and then keep resetting the Radar until "Shiny Grass" sparkles, and that has a shiny Pokemon in it, it will be whatever Pokemon you are chaining...
    It's harder and more complicated that that but that's the gist of it.

    Originally Posted by toile98 View Post
    how do you get shineys in pokemon xd

    i just need help catching shineys all i got is a
    shiney golbat and a shiny poochyena

    You save before encountering a Snaggable Pokemon for the first time, and check to see if it's shiny. If it isn't, then reset the game and try again. But this will only work if it's your first encounter with the Pokemon.

    Treasure the shinies you do have. You are a lucky person to have them.
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