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    Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
    Well.... Got some dire news.

    A guy edited some of the coding to check and see if this "works" or not. Well, his results were negative, but that doesn't get me downhearted. I'm still going to keep trying, if I don't have another shiny Vulpix by the end of the day, I'm boxing all of them (except my lovely gold one), and then trying Shroomish.

    Everyone's doing Shroomish lol.
    Heh the good part at least is that rarity will remain intact. Heh you got awesome lucky with that vulpix so at least you got something out the whole incident :) I have yet to breed a shiny, I'm going to breed riolu eventually, but I need to find good IV parents first ehhhh.

    Originally Posted by It's Just Fufu View Post
    Ok, so the this trick is basically fake, and DDD just got stupidly lucky?

    Wow. Some people get all the luck, it seems. D_S, did you get Platinum?
    Yep got platinum :D Been SRing non stop for turtwig on it. It looks blue for a second after it pops up of the pokeball so it always gets my hopes up argh. Hope it decides to shine soon. I'll be back at SPPf tomorrow when my Ban gets lifted :/

    Originally Posted by DDD'SSCEPTILE View Post
    You save before encountering a Snaggable Pokemon for the first time, and check to see if it's shiny. If it isn't, then reset the game and try again. But this will only work if it's your first encounter with the Pokemon.

    Treasure the shinies you do have. You are a lucky person to have them.
    Also for Colo/XD shinies its been confirmed that as soon as the poke is sent out, if its shiny, the two glowing orbs will circle it, THEN it'll be identified as a Shadow pokemon by the girl or the scanner. Speaking of which I finally started a second Colo file on an extra mem card yesterday out of boredom, so I'll eventually get to Sring for Entei, though I can't remember if there might be something worth SRing for prior to it, all I can remember is maybe one of the johto starters' 2nd stage. Eh I'll see as a play the game.

    Good luck everyone hunting!
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