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Originally Posted by Dark Steelix Lv X View Post
\Also for Colo/XD shinies its been confirmed that as soon as the poke is sent out, if its shiny, the two glowing orbs will circle it, THEN it'll be identified as a Shadow pokemon by the girl or the scanner. Speaking of which I finally started a second Colo file on an extra mem card yesterday out of boredom, so I'll eventually get to Sring for Entei, though I can't remember if there might be something worth SRing for prior to it, all I can remember is maybe one of the johto starters' 2nd stage. Eh I'll see as a play the game.

Good luck everyone hunting!
Ahh, yes. I forgot about the orbs. I actually should have a picture of them when I wanted to see what my Machop looked like on Colosseum. But it'll be hard for me to find it... maybe..

Found them!
They're probably gonna be huge so Clicky spoiler tag to see'm.


^During the rotation I believe

^End of the rotation. The orbs come together.

Ah, for collaboration posts.
I started a new Colosseum file, but to me, that game is such a pain to play through.
I was SRing Misdreavus on it, but I think I'll play through it and try SRing for Raikou. I don't have a shiny Legend, and it's a Pokemon I could actually use in OU that's not Uber.
Plus it's made of awesome.

Good luck everyone


Also does anyone know what happened to "♠Shiny♠Mr.Mime♠"? I think he used to be just plain "shinyhunter", but it says he's been "Booted Out".
Anyone know why? I don't really understand what he'd do to get banned....
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