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    Can i get a save file for emerald?

    I want it to be at the very start of the game and i want the pokemon: poochyena, spheal, torchic, shiny electrike, aron, shiny beldum, oddish, poliwag, shiny eevee, shiny ralts, snorlax, dratini, ditto, shiny nidoran M, and larvitar. And i want them all to be at level 5, and everyone except torchic in the PC. I also want a few legendaries at level 5 to be in my PC, they are: celebi, jirachi, and mew.

    EDIT - Oh and i also want 3 of every evolution stone, 30 heart scales, 10 masterballs, and 2 exp shares.

    EDIT - Male and name is BRAE