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    Originally Posted by Poke-Roy View Post
    To be honest I don't like remake's espacially not from yellow or red or blue or green, Cuz if you make it on a FR ROM everything is the sam fire red is the remake of red so it has no point unless you'll be adding loads of huge changes... But eighter way I do wish you best of luck Cuz the graphics seem nice although the stroyline is the same
    I'm hoping to add some mini games and an extra region in the future, hope that keeps you interested.

    Originally Posted by flaps View Post
    You can have pikachu following you in amity square in diamong and pearl can't you? Is there anyway you could you that to help you with the pikachu problem? (I know you are hacking fire red, and not pearl or diamond)
    Eh, I think I'll just resize the OWs and see how that works...

    Originally Posted by o0oBahamuto0o View Post
    I Think You Made your Title SCreen by Paint, You Just Cut the Pikachu's IMG then paste to the screen
    Play the Demo, and find out for yourself

    Originally Posted by SethCullen View Post
    seems good. i love the demo :D
    I'm glad you enjoyed it!