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    I patched and am playing the demo right now. I found these bugs/problems
    - I only saw a few tile errors(on route 2 most of a tree is cut off.
    - The ash overworlds glow(probably because of the wrong pallete
    - The tiles of the bottom of the houses in pallet overlap you
    - The blue mailboxes don't show a message when you walk up to them, you have to press A(probably smth to do with behavior bytes)
    - and not a bug, but a suggestion. Seeing as you edited to old man event to have him catch pikachu, you should remove that script from viridan or smth and have another way to get the teachy tv

    ...and that's about it from what i remembered. I liked the demo. Plays out fine compared to yellow. I'm not done playing that far yet just saying so far.