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    Originally Posted by SRkid View Post
    Well... I've lost it all. My file was deleted in Pearl, so I have very few shinies now.
    Ouch how'd that happen? especially with D/P's system of having to press up+select+B to even erase a file @[email protected] What shinies did you lose? Don't give up though, MM restarted collecting even after his DS and game were stolen :(

    Still going for Platinum Turtwig, the secret key being available for download now, tempts me to keep going, but since it wont be over till Nov. 4th, I'll SR for turtwig till the end of October. Hopefully it shows up by then. Argh I forgot I could SR for Misdreavus in Colo, and I accidently battled the trainer that had it, and not wanting to redo a whole bunch of work I had done since my last save, I had no choice but to catch it. Eh once I get around getting ho-oh on my first file I'll restart it and will leave Misdreavus for SRing.
    Good luck everyone on their hunts!
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