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    Originally Posted by Dougo007 View Post
    I found a download for beta 5, not on this site though so I don't know if its newer than the downloads on page 1. When will beta 6 be released? Also, will the islands be in this game, I saw that the map of the islands was mentioned on this forum or one similar. Finally, what do you predict when the final product be released? So far you have done a great job, takes a little time to get used to the different colors of the Jhoto Pokemon in this game, but I know why (I played Fire Red). Say! Is it possible to trade to Fire Red/Leaf Green and then trade to Ruby/Emerald or Diamond/Pearl (I know that there is some way to do that (if I'm not mistaken but I never tried myself (emulator or DS console)? For some people that would be AWESOME! Sorry if I'm getting to excited about the idea.
    1. Read the first page. It says to NOT ask for release dates.
    2. The Sevii Islands won't be in this games, since their maps are being used by Johto.
    3. Zel is making a couple of islands for after beating RED.
    4. It is possible to trade with other GBA games when you reach Pallet Town, which will be in Beta 6 IIRC
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