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Originally Posted by ~Fire
now, i was wondering, what if a persons account gets somehow hacked and they use it to spam and get you banned(definitely or indefinitely)?
If there is proof that the account got hacked(even though its near impossible), will the ban be lifted? or will the person have to make another account?
I know if you get permanently banned, you stay banned, but what if you are banned for a while?Would you keep him/her banned until the ban is lifted because he/she didn't take care of his/her account better?Or will you life the sentence prematurely?
i know this sounds crazy and very unlikely, but its possible.
Well..I don't know about permanent bans, but I'm sure if you had solid proof, you wouldn't be banned forever. Especially when we can check the IPs of the members and see if you've had the IP you registered with, along with any new ones that might be there. Obviously you could find your own IP out and give it to an admin to show it's really you and the other IP doesn't belong to you.

And if you seriously think your account is in jeopardy of being hacked, change your password and make sure you don't give it out to any other member. If you give your password to someone else and you get hacked and banned, that's your fault.
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