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    Hack Name: Pokemon - Evil Edition

    Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

    Aditional Information about the Hack: Basically, new maps, some extra / new scripts, and all Shiny Pokemon have been replaced by...Evil Pokemon!

    Finished Percentage: 0.01%

    Current Hacking Skills of the Team: Spriting, Basic mapping

    What help or skill we are looking for:
    Hex Editors (URGENT), Mappers (FAIRLY URGENT), Scripters (FAIRLY URGENT), Beta Testers (NOT THAT URGENT), Spriters (KINDA URGENT)

    Aditional Contact Information: PM either Me or Tyranitar2 (preferrably me), or post on Scrapbox thread. If possible, provide proof of work (except for beta testing)

    Aditional Information: We don't mind forming a team, the main reason I posted here was because Tyranitar2's Team Discussions thread kept getting unapproved.

    Also...Team Members will almost certainly get cameos as Elite Four or Gym Leaders, unless there are more than 11 people who join the team. More helpful team members will get the three remaining Elite Four places, and the higher Gym Leader positions.

    Current Team: Tyranitar2 , Hoppyfred
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