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    Hey everyone, I have an idea for an introduction for a created game.

    I must admit, I have no skills at making games at all so I'm just throwing out idea for anyone that wants it or finds it interesting.

    The idea came up when I was reading a few games that are in the making. They stated they were not basing their game off any other pokemon game. Then I start reading about how your character just moved and you meet the Professor in your town. To me, that seems pretty familiar doesnt it?


    Anyway, My starting storyline...,

    Your an average boy/girl, living in a little town (like pallet) waking up on your birthday. Its a saturday morning and 2 of your friends wake you up,

    telling you they found a strange creature right outside of your town in the woods (like veridian forest). They lead you outside to show you, but

    can't find any "strange creatures" while venturing through. They swear they arent lying, but you think they are playing a joke. As you walk away in

    disbelief, you run into the "strange creature" which is obviously a pokemon. You and your friends flee back to town, and discuss what all of you

    just saw. After conversation, you all decide to go to the town elder. As you enter the town elder's house, A young lady and the town elder are

    arguing whether they should tell you and your friends about the "outside world and pokemon". They are suprised when they see the 3 of you and

    come to the conclusion of telling all of you. They further explain, that to prove yourselves of becoming pokemon trainers, you must go capture a

    pokemon with just pokeballs. They give all of you each 3 pokeballs and tell you to go capture a pokemon in the woods. Now alone, you find

    yourself where you you first encountered the pokemon you saw. when you find a wild pokemon, the battle system is kind of like the safari zone,

    where you can throw a rock to hurt it. Once you capture a pokemon, (if you run out of balls, you can go back and the elder will give you more) you

    take it back to the young lady and elder. All 3 of you arrive at the same time with the same pokemon. They explain now that they have 3 separate

    rare pokemon that cant be caught anymore. (like in the original game) and offer to give them to the 3 of you. You choose yours first and then your

    friends take theirs. You run home to show your mom your new discovery and fate. When you enter the house, she already knows about everything

    and explains that your diseased father was a great pokemon trainer. After asking her why she never told you and why you never knew about

    pokemon, she explains that she didnt want you to follow the same path as your father but its in fates hands now. She tells you to hold on and

    goes upstairs. She returns with a pokedex, telling you it was your dad's old one and doesnt work, but can be fixed. As you exit, your journey

    begins to become the greatest pokemon trainer in the world!

    To tie up some loose ends, here is some stuff that should be mentioned.

    The town elder is not a Professor. He just knows much about alot of everything. AKA a very old wise man.

    The young lady with him is actually a member of the Pokemon League Champions.
    The Pokemon League Champions is a group of people who have gone to the Pokemon league after collecting all their badges and winning an annual tournament.
    (Instead of the Elite 4, you enter in this tournament at the end of the game. Coincidentally, you come across people you've met in your journey and your last battle is against 1 of the 2 friends at the beginning of the game, with the other watching, losing in the previous round. The one that picks your pokemons weakness is the one you face, in example, if you choose the water pokemon, you will face your friend that chose the grass pokemon at the beginning.)

    As for your mom, she is lying. Your father isnt dead. Yes, he did train pokemon and actually still does. He is the original Pokemon League Champion, and he reveals himself after you win the annual tournament. You battle your dad at the end of the game to truly beat the game.

    As for the pokedex, in the second town you go to, there can be a Pokemon professor who can repair it. He can also help you out with anything you can think of. Basically he sees the potential in you.

    For Pokemon, you decide! If someone picks this idea up and wants to create a game like this, they decide what pokemon you play with. My preference is the 2nd batch of pokemon, so its like a generation thing. Your dad would have all original strong pokemon, while you have all Johto pokemon. After you defeat your dad, another land mass or chain islands could become active, with hoenn and possibly sinnoh pokemon. Also, the legendary birds, dogs, and whatever else can be scattered on islands called the legend islands.

    Well thats all really. I hope someone likes this storyline. If you have any questions, please ask. I am willing to explain or change things to get this to work.

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