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    Hello People, I am Kyuubi12 this is My first Official Thread.

    This is a game in Process.
    So far 0% started

    My Idea for this story is:
    You are Inside with your Mom & Sis.After that Everything turns Dark, For a Few min, The power is out and prof Debbie (Aunt) is at your House.She asks you if you would Help Her with a Project.She gives you 10 pokeballs. Later Officer Jenny comes by while you and Prof. Debbie are going to the Lab to get A Get a Pokemon generator.Officer Jenny says that A wild and very angry Darkcas ( Dark Water ) is at your house. once you encounter Darkas, Prof Debbie Lends you Darmas( Dark/fire ) your Job is to catch Dacas not Ko It, After that you start your adventure as a Pokemon Trainer.More to Come Later.

    Working on awsome Maps,Sprites,Scripts,Iteams,Pokemon.

    The Area where your at is
    The Sunny Ray Islands. It South of Sinnoh
    You Live on Shell Island 14-20 Miles from Sunny Ray Island.
    I need The Following.

    5 Tilest
    1 Title Screen Maker
    Everyone Supporters
    8 Mappers
    4 People with a good imagaination and Brain.

    Thank you for Reading

    Games im with.
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