Thread: [Tutorial] Editing MIDIs Voicegroups.
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Originally Posted by TRANSPARANCY View Post
@ master_track: But still you would prefer something like this than some1 nagging at you all day wouldn't you?

Thanks for all yr feedback, i gather you understood it well.

I know this sounds noobish of me but can some1 tell me how i can find an offset using a HEX editor?
Cause I kinda forgot how to search for them. BTW that will help write my next part of the tutorial.
Depending on your ROM size, you'd need to use the "08" which points to any offset from 0x0 - 0xFFFFFF

16 MB - (offset backwards) 08
Example - 123456 = search for 56 34 12 08(no spaces)

32 MB - You should use 09 instead of 08, simple.

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