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    Originally Posted by darkcowboy View Post
    Wow, Jax its so dark and R-rated and dark. I likes it! I can't wait for more. T_T I wish I could write that good. V_V Oh well. I've got time to practice right? XP
    Thanks. And yeah. It took me years to iron out problems with my writing. And even then, I've got bundles of ones I haven't even touched yet. XD *motions to Alter Ego's review*

    Kinda tempted to save it like that, but I'll definitely get around to editing the FFNet version. Why? Because I always feel weird editing the original post after someone posts a review in a thread. Maybe it's just me. *shrug*

    Originally Posted by Absol Perfect Distaster View Post
    Wow, I almost cried, but this was an excellent fan fic. I loved it. Even though I read something about my favorite pokemon getting ripped to shreads, I still loved the dark story plot.
    Thanks. Sorry about the Absol, though. He died for a good cause!
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