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-curses in 4 languages. and yes, i know how to.- i tell ya kids. college is evil. stay away. recently, someone has been forgetting to log off. me, being a nice guy, had written numerous memos to this person, placed on their desktop. now, i get on today, and those b@$+ards write me and tell me &almostquote"That wasnt a nice, or smart, thing to do. do it again and you could lose your computer privilages at ________ college."&almostquote. e.O bakayaru's. GRR. sorry, my lil rant of the day. k, so. the avitar... carmen always was cool. 8/10
but i miss james bond jr. XD
Whenever I try to go,
People always want me to stay.
Whenever I try to stay,
I'm always pushed away.
Cant you make up your minds already?