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    Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
    @gamingmaster: Zel has a job now, so he doesn't have a lot of time to work on the hack (only during weekends now IIRC). Beta 6 will be where the original Gold ended, which is the battle against RED in Mt Silver. Beta 7 will have a few mini islands and the rest of the legendaries. Then maybe a Beta 8 for certain fixes.

    @Dougo007: You don't play Ash(RED) in this game. You play Gold, a totally different person. Although you do meet RED in Mt Silver and his mother in Pallet Town.
    Pikachu is just one of the few hidden bonus pokemon in this game.
    I called myself ASH in the game because that is what I am used to, but yes I guess the base name for the main character is Gold, sorry for the confusion. As far as the second part, I believe that it could be more than a "bonus" but this is only an idea I'm throwing out (since its still beta, it can still change until final release which will not be for a while)

    This is a bit of a push but if my scenario proposal gets approved can we make pikachu walk behind "ASH"/"GOLD" when pikachu is in the party or is this (which is what I'm guessing) far too difficult (unless you can implement the "scripts/codes" from the man who keeps taking you to Brock's gym in Fire Red). This is one element that made Pokemon Yellow (the 1st game I ever owned!) so popular.

    Originally Posted by gamingmaster12 View Post
    It's been a very long time since the release of the last beta.

    So, is Zel even working on Beta 6, or better, the final version?

    For once I completely agree with DIRK123, I checked Zel's profile and judging by his name and age he is in college (or has a job) the idea is the same. We all have very busy schedules. I checked your profile. You are only 14 years old, only old enough to be in HS if I'm not mistaken. you have so much more time being in HS than we do in College, give Zel a break ok. Just be glad that Zel is determined to finish the game. (Now I'm exaggerating) It could be anywhere from two weeks to two years.

    To Dirk123: Is anyone else actually "working" on the project or is Zel the sole contributor/game designer Zel.

    hi everyone! im new to this stuff, i download both files but how do yu play this! what do yu use, i mean what emulator?

    Originally Posted by Badshaw786 View Post
    hi everyone! im new to this stuff, i download both files but how do yu play this! what do yu use, i mean what emulator?
    1. Use VBA emulator
    2. Get Pokemon Fire Red rom
    3. Get ips file
    4. download ipswin
    5. patch the rom file
    6. load rom file with emulator
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