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Originally Posted by Sgt. Custard View Post
LOVE these tools HackMew, but I've got a few suggestions for XSE:


Well... lots of stuff there. Clearly you don't have to do all of them (or any of them), but most of them I think would be welcomed by most hackers(Nope, just you pal). I don't know how feasible all of this would be, but if you can do them, it would help make XSE even more obviously the best scripting program out there!(already is, my friend, already is...)
Suggestion: Compiling unsaved scripts
Description: Fairly self-explanatory: it would just be the ability to compile a script in an/some open tab(s) including decompiled scripts without having to save it every time. This would work well with the next suggestion.
It can already do that...Did you even use XSE, before suggesting?
Suggestion: Decompiled dynamic offsets
Description: This would be when you decompile a script, it shows names rather than offsets after the "#org". These could be: "start", "script1", "script2", "msg1", "msg2", "move1" and "move2". This would be useful because it would mean you could edit and extend a script and recompile it directly from the tab without worrying about it overwriting something else because it would be automatically repointed and the previous script wiped (with FF's). This could be turned on and off.
Just useless. Stop being lazy, XSE has A "linking offsets" function, which you Ctrl+Click, and it'll take you to the offset you clicked on.
Suggestion: #org labels
Description: This would be when you hover over an #org/offset (name), a box appears with the length (in bytes) of the script and, for decompiled scripts, it's current location in the ROM.
How about you just, press F1, over a command?
Suggestion: Hex editor length
Description: The ability to select a series of bytes in the hex editor and to be told immediately how many bytes long that is.
Not useful, at all...Plus, this'll take a LOOONG time to implement.
Suggestion: Autocomplete
Description: Something like in PKSV, but less obtrusive; a single command (the most likely one) shown like this:
as you type. Pressing TAB could autocomplete it. This could be turned on and off.
You want Autocomplete? Then use PKSV! Why would -Hackmew- want to copy Score_under's idea?
Suggestion: Command help labels
Description: The command help list is really helpful, but it would be even more helpful for a small box to appear after you type a command that shows the parameters needed for that command and the order they come in. Let's say you've typed "applymovement 0x2". A box would appear with:
player no., movement offset
Something like in Excel, with the part you're currently on enboldened.
That will be featured, in the Comprehensive Scripting Guide, soon to come. But why not experiment? And it gives enough detailed information, in order too. You just have to comprehend it...
Suggestion: Msgbox maker
Description: Minor thing, but it would save some bother in larger scripts. When you type "msgbox", a box appears at the right hand side with an entry for offset (name) and message (with text adjusting). You type it in and click OK and it puts the script there for you. Would save having to scroll down and type "#org blah/ = (tools => text adjuster => convert => Ctrl+C => close => Ctrl=V)... Yes I'm lazy...
You are ... I don't even have a word for you.
That will take more time, than it will take to type in, msgbox 0xOffset

Suggestion: Ability to paste in text adjuster
Description: Self-explanatory
Suggestion: Movement make
Description: Like Msgbox maker, with buttons arranged something like this:

! ? etc...
<= <- < . > -> =>

So you can just click on the buttons and make the movement script without having to look it up everytime. There could even be a playback function to show you what it looks like.
-HackMew- Plans on including this in the next release, but I can't tell you much more though...

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