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    Originally Posted by Dougo007 View Post
    The rules explicitly state to not double post! If I understand this correctly you get 1-5 and he heas 6-10 and YOU saved in 6-10 by mistake. Yea I see your head in the basket now (you can't get it back unless you made a backup copy before you made your "deadly" mistake). :( Question: WHY DO YOU NEED FIVE STATE SAVES?

    In the future I believe it would be best to make two copies of the game in two different folders so you can both have an "in game" save file. Just remember to have to correct folder. name the 1st folder your name and the 2nd folder your brother's name.

    Off with my head he did and he called me a messed up kid (im 13 to be on the safe side so people dont think im 7) so im living a life of guilt and now he wont buy me a PSP service tool battery hes 18 and i use five states because look
    state 1 :safest state only save in when important accomplishment done
    state 2 :backup of state 1
    state 3 :usual stuff like saving before a battle
    state 4 :saved so opponent doesn't kill me in one attack
    state 5 :used so my attacks are critical
    Get It
    thanks ill do that now

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