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    An Introduction to Lime

    Pokémon Lime is a Pokémon game with a slight twist. It's not about going from town to town getting badges, like most in the series.
    The player is based in a small hometown, known as Bloomsberry, on an island.
    Players explore the island, progressively unlocking more of it as they complete tasks, such as beating a gym, or doing work for some of the island's other citizens.

    The Story

    Lately an abundance of spooky events have been scaring the population.
    A local bridge was destroyed, things are being stolen from homes, people are found passed out, and the only memory they have when they wake up is battling something, something strange.
    It's reported people have even been going missing...

    Would a Pokémon be doing this? Is it a group of people like the infamous Team Rocket? Could it even be something more sinister..?

    The hero must explore the island, and uncover the secret behind the strange events, if that means risking their life to save the people of the island, then that's what must be done!
    So, as they explore, more and more clues will be uncovered, and they will eventually be led to the epic climax of the game, in which the whole island's fate depends.

    Can the player ultimately save the island and the lives of his friends? Will their team of captured and befriended Pokémon be enough to stop whatever's out there?

    It's up to you.

    Lime Features

    • Brand new Pokémon! Including legendaries, starters, and many others!
    • Revisited stats! Pokémon such as Ampharos recieve significant stat-boosts!
    • A brand-new massive island to explore! including deserts, forests, volcanic plains, and mountains!
    • New moves! Feel the power of Force Shot, or protect yourself with Bubble Shield!
    • Houses to be purchased! All around the island in exotic places, so you can rest and heal your Pokémon without returning to town.

    Screenshots (Subject to Change)


    Concept Art


    Creator: CoN.
    Puzzles/Routes: Huerosam.
    Various Help: Nakugetsu.
    Conceptist: Red Gyrados.
    Mapper: Kay3o.


    HTML Code:


    Starter Kit: Poccil (& FlameGuru).
    Platinum Sprites: Aeonos and Mastermind_X.
    Platinum Sprite Formatting: Wichu.

    Developed with Poccil's RMXP Starter Kit

    Job Application Form

    Pokemon Lime Official Application Form
    Username: (your username)
    Name: (Your given name)
    Role: (The role you would like to apply for)
    Available Jobs: Mapper, Fakemon Spriter, Trainer Spriter, Ruby Scripter, Fakemon Designer.
    Example: (Please include an example what you are capable of)
    Why You: (A short paragraph about why we should pick you)
    Please send this to CoN~ via PM.