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Hello Everyone, I didn't want to put this in the PokemonShowcase Yet because I'm not even sure if I'm going to finish this game(Hopefully I will)... It's something I work on in my spare time.


Pokémon Crenatos

A team Called Team Garga have stolen some something from Karana City, a Machine that your Mother and a few other people have been working on for many years.(You Live with your Older Sister) If Team Garga Figure out how to activate the Machine, It could bring about the end of the world as we know it... Prof.Oak has asked you to help retrieve the machine and put a stop to Team Garga. Soon after, You meet up with your old friend Gary Oak, When you tell him What Team Garga was up to, he also set out to Recover the stolen Machine from them. Along the way you Encounter Many People New and Old, Such as Ash and Misty, Who are Apparantly Maried now...(who woulda thunk?;3) You even meet up with Blue and Gold at some point on your Adventure.

A Machine is stolen and you have to get it back, But it's not easy. Meet new and old friends.... etc etc... Live in small town....etc etc

(Please Note, The Tilesets are Only Temporary.

Work Ive Done:
Pallet Town
Route 1
Viridian City
Route 22

Working on:
Making first Pokemon in Party follow you, (need script and overworld sprites)
Remaking the Maps

Some ScreenShots

RyuKotsei(me) Mapping, Eventing etc
cooluke21 Spriting

Poccil: Starter Kit
FlameGuru: Starter Kit
Neoriceisgood: Fakemon Sprites

Many Other people I can't think of at the moment: Sprites
(Ofcourse, Nintendo for making Pokemon)


Comming soon

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