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    Welcome to the Pokemon Uranium project thread, it will be probably in the games showcase soon i hope^^.

    -Game features
    -New pokedex
    -Extra stuff.

    -THE STARTERS WILL have only ONE evolution, i want things to be different =p


    At the moment the only person i need to give credit is Poccil, without his starter kit it would be impossible to many ppl make their pokemon games.


    -JV12345: Project leader, main mapper, main eventer, spriter

    At the moment there is only me in the team, at least i know how to do alot of things ^^.
    If you want to join in the team just send me a PM using this form:

    Real age:
    What you want to do:
    Proof of your work:
    I currently need more:

    Spriters 0/2 (mainly to sprite trainers and fakemon)
    scripters 0/1 (when i need minor changes in a script etc)
    mapper 0/1 (erh, map maker)
    Attack animation maker 0/2 (thats what i need most)
    Graphics maker/editor 0/2 (someone to make titlescreen edit battle graphics etc)
    *im accepting any kind of help, these ones are just what i need most.

    First, i need to explain some details about the game. It will have a new region, and also new pokemon (around 60+ new poke).

    In a big archipelago which has alot of cliffs and mountains, two god pokemon has born. These pokemons were twins and they have always been friendly to everyone and to their creator, Arceus. One day Arceus gave to one of the twins, Aotius, a special present, the power to control the land and the air of the island, an to the other, Mutios, the power to control the seas around the island. Feeling jealous, Mutios attacked Aotius and because of that Arceus had punished Mutios transforming him in a regular pokemon. But he was still very strong, almost a semi-god. Arceus also had created an special shard, that contains all the power of Mutios.
    Now, in the present days, is where your adventure start, you are a new trainer in the small town of <thinking of a name> and the day after chosing your first pokemon, you see in the TV that Team Ying was trying to find the shard to give Mutios his powers and that the rival team,the Team Yang was trying to catch Aotius. After that your adventure really starts, and only playing the game you will know the rest...


    -Great plot
    -The brand new region of Tandor (yes, thats the region name)
    -Alot of new pokemons (Im a spriter, and im willing to get help from others too)
    -Old pokemons will also be there
    -Instead of Elite 4, we will make a Elite championship
    -More pokeballs
    -Alot of islands to visit and alot of secrets to discover.



    001- Orchynx GRASS
    002- Metalynx GRASS/STEEL
    003- Eletux WATER
    004- Electruxo WATER/ELECTRIC
    005- Flager FIRE
    006- Inflagetah FIRE/GROUND

    007- Tinead NORMAL
    008- Zubread
    More to come soon ^^


    Current title screen (will be changed):

    Region map (more towns will be added):

    Starting town:

    Kevlar town(maybe the second one):

    Nowtoch town (third one)

    Ramdom screenshots from Moki town till Nowtoch town, passing through 2 roads, Kevlar town and the entrance of a cave.



    (Banner made by Mages4ever)

    I hope everyone liked how the game is going, and please i need help from other people in this project, ANY help is welcome.