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    Ah...oh well =p

    There were also some items on the edge of a wall, but those are pretty obvious so you probably didn't miss them.

    When I get my online Pokemon RPG back up, would you mind if I advertised this hack? It's honestly my current favorite, and I'd like more people to play it :D

    Time for another bug report

    Euclose - The man who doesn't let you go by without a gym pass talks to you as though you have it if you talk to him from the side

    Euclose Gym - Blaze uses Super Potions as though they were X-stat items. The FIRST thing he did in the battle was use Super Potion on his
    Nidoqueen, before I even got a chance to attack

    Water route past Euclose - Where there are four trainers facing opposite directions (in a +), I was able to surf THROUGH the girl on the right, both before I fought her and RIGHT after. Was unable to recreate this afterwards when the route refreshed after I poke-centered

    Mica - Nothing really important, but the Gym apprentice is a Rocker, but is named Hiker

    Misc - Kabuto and Kabutops still have the shell icon when in the party. Haven't obtained other pokemon that use the sprite so I can't see if they use it.

    Also, any reason why Gold Watch is in the Game Corner? The guy only needs one for Strength. Was Koga being gym leader your idea, or did you forget to switch his name?

    Still, great hack <3

    Edit - Found one more minor thing - The monster pillar thing that tells the gym leader in Koga's gym states that it's the Mica City Gym, not Gelina

    Edit again - The last gym (The Force gym) has a few bugs. The first Blackbelt has a text error when he challenges you to a battle, and a Tamer and Blackbelt walk through a wall to challenge you from two rows above

    Edit again, again - Forgot to mention, High Crit moves (Slash, Crabhammer, possible something else) seem to critical 100% of the time

    Edit again x 3 - Another random thing I just noticed - If you look at the Status page of your pokemon, it doesn't show their types for some reason. Damnit, someone post here so I can stop editing xD
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