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    Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
    There is only 1 Dragon legendary in the 3 generations (Dialga/Palkia/Girantina don't count since they are 4th generation), namely Rayquaza.
    Dragonite and similar pokemon are only "semi-legendary".

    Also, Zel said that EVERY pokemon of the R/B/Y/G/S/C/Ru/Sa/Em generation will be present in this game.

    You forgot about Latios and Latias.
    And someone asked where's thw first obtainable water stone: inside Dragon's Den. Battle the 3 tamers in the order they appear. Different sequences will change the stone. Don't know exactly how, though. I always got the water one.
    I'm Brazilian, by the way.
    So, feel free to speak portuguese with me.
    I do like breeding a lot, being a bit of a maniac for Luxury Balls. So if you want anything bred in a Luxury Ball, chances are I can do it for you.
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