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    I'd like to replace the other story I have up there with this story, if that's okay.

    Title of Story: Discovery of the Island
    Fandom: Pokemon with some Digimon
    Plot summary: Kate's father works with a renowned professor in Tokyo. The two of them have come up with a new invention: a portal to another world. Kate accidentally stumbles into the portal while playing Pokemon Platinum. She wakes up to find herself on an island inhabited by Pokemon. Kate finds her way out, but keeps going back to the Island, as something seems to draw her there.
    Genre: Humor (little romance as well)
    Rating (PG, R, etc): PG
    Type of mentor needed: Character and Plot
    Writing sample of story:
    Kate stumbled down the stairs to the lab, playing her Platinum game as she walked.
    "Is it done yet?" she called, almost tripping into the room.
    "Almost," Professor Kimiko replied, bent over his workstation. Professor Petsuia Kimiko was a scientist that worked with Professor Souichi Tomoe, a famous scientist, ever since the battle with Galaxia. They had been working on a large project: make a working portal to another dimension. It was almost finished. All that was left was to put one small orb, and it would be complete.
    Kate went over to the stairs to watch, still playing her game.
    The professor placed the orb in the holder, and the machine groaned to life. It sparkled in a rainbow of colors, the dazzling lights from the portal frame bouncing off the walls. Petsuia stared in amazement at the machine, grin growing wider. But would it work? Before he could test it, he heard a pinging noise from his pocket. Petsuia took out his phone and saw that it was a text from his wife, Sarah. Sarah had met Petsuia when he was in America, and they fell in love. She was a painter. Apparently, he was needed in a meeting. Sighing, he left, not even noticing his fourteen-year-old daughter on the steps.
    Kate saved the game quickly, and walked into the room. She saw the glowing machine and gasped.
    "Ooh, pretty lights..." she gaped, moving closer to the portal. She moved forward as if something were drawing her toward the machine. Kate didn't even notice how close she got to the entrance until she had already stepped in.
    Suddenly, the world around her started spinning. Kate saw random colors flitting around her before the world went black...

    Other: I just started this story, and it is the first in a trilogy.

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