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    Is it okay to do this for an already posted story? I just wanted to see if I should fix anything before posting the next part. Sorry if this isn't okay.

    Title of Story: Paradox
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Plot summary: A scientist plans to trap Celebi, and when his plan succeeds, Celebi sends him to the future to see what he caused by trapping Celebi.
    Genre: Thriller with touches of comedy and horror.
    Rating: Pg-13
    Type of mentor needed: Character
    Writing sample of story:


    "Time, an irreversible, unstoppable thing. We may try, but only one being can traverse time. We know this being as Celebi, the time traveling pokemon. Not much is known about this pokemon, being as it goes through time as it pleases. This green wonder has caused many to attempt to catch it, but none have. Now though, we may have found a way. By studying points in which it has been seen, we plan to plant invisible, electric fields around these areas, in an attempt to catch it and harness its ability to travel throug time. If we could control a pokemon like this, we could also traverse time, solving many questions man has had about his past. With this ability, we could find out how we end, and try to prevent it. This could be our biggest breakthrough in the history of man."

    At the end of his speech, Guy stepped down off of the podium while applause rang in his ears. By the time he sat down at his table the clapping had stopped and the next speaker was up and talking. He didn't pay much attention, only catching a few words. He studied the room around him. He was in an elegant ballroom, rented out especially for this meeting. This meeting was one where scientists all over the world present either a new discovery they made, or a new theory they came up with.

    Other: I've been writing for close to a year now, and this is my forst story to ever go public.


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