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note: The Fanfiction of the Week has been replaced by the Fanfiction of the Month

Fanfiction of the Week
Requirements and Information
Contributions by Tetsuya-san

Qualifications:- Properly written fanfics. This includes grammar, punctuation, etc. Description and sticking to story standards works.
- Length. A story qualifies if it has more than one chapter, or 5 pages (as justified by Microsoft Word).

How do I get my story to be fanfiction of the week?
Your fanfiction must be chosen by the moderator of the fanfiction forum if the moderator finds it appealing and standing out with the other fanfictions. They must be properly written and must be more than one chapter (one shots are an exception). Stereotypical fanfictions for example, if parts aren't made properly, usually have very little chances.

Where does a story go right or wrong?
Usually, good stories fit in with basic story requirements. If a story seems so outstanding, that a mod would really love it, then it works, and it could get Fanfiction of the Week. You can build onto your writing skills by reading the "Basic Pokémon Writing FAQ". It helps.

How are fanfictions chosen?
The moderators of this forum are good fanfiction writers themselves, so they know what's a good story or not. The moderators can either share their opinion on a story then put it through if they agree on it, or let one do it themselves. The selection of fanfics is kept to a standard.

Fanfiction of the week listings
As of August 15, 2005

Week of August 15, 2004
"More Velleity" by Frostweaver
Week of August 22, 2004
"Call of Dragons" by oni flygon
Week of August 29, 2004
"Another Way of Battling by Frostweaver
Week of September 5, 2004
"Falling White" by LilyPichu
Week of September 19, 2004
"The Road To Palantria" by Neo Pikachu
Week of September 26, 2004
"Forgiving Tears" by LilyPichu
Week of October 3, 2004
"Rifts In Time" by Beau'
Week of October 10, 2004
"The Quest for the Legends" by Dragonfree
Week of October 17, 2004
"Raven - Mechyena Saga" by Obsidian Blade
Week of October 24, 2004
"Pocket Monsters Chronicles" by Yamato-san
Week of October 31, 2004
"Who Shot Brendan Birch?" by Breezy
Week of November 9, 2004
"Guilty by Design" by Iveechan
Week of November 16, 2004
"Realizing Fate" by Breezy
Week of November 21, 2004
"Hex" by Mr. Cat Dog
Week of November 28, 2004
"Last Defense" by Dragonfree
Week of December 5, 2004
"Love's Lost" by oni flygon
Week of December 12, 2004
"The Trial of Juno - The Dawn of Hope" by Neo Pikachu
Week of December 19, 2004
"Sunset Beach" by Dragonfree
Week of January 2, 2005
"The Prize" by Jedi_Amara
Week of January 10, 2005
"The 1337est Mary-Sue Parody EVER!!! (ROFLLOLOMGWTF!)" by Mr Cat Dog
Week of January 17, 2005
"Into the Mud" by Aiya Quackform
Week of January 23, 2005
"Ties of Water and Fire" by Miyu-Chan
Week of January 30, 2005
"~The Legendarian Chronicles" by Chibi Pika
Week of February 6, 2005
"The One Drop" by Aiya Quakform
Week of February 17, 2005
"Twisted Hierarchy" by Obsidian Blade
Week of February 21, 2005
"Blue Eyes' Warriors" by Hitoshizuku
Week of February 28, 2005
"Destiny of Understanding" by Flatulus
Week of March 6, 2005
"The Wingèd :[Book One]: The Kuraitenshi " by Rebecca M. Renfeild
Week of March 13, 2005
"Konnichiwa!" by ActOnThat
Week of March 20, 2005
"memory" by Jedi_Amara
Week of March 29, 2005
"Fatality" by lilbluecorsola
Week of April 4, 2005
"May I?" by Breezy
Week of April 13, 2005
"Chocolate Heart" by LoveLy MiSha
Week of April 18, 2005
"The Utmost Loyalty" by Breezy
Week of April 30, 2005
"<< Soul Awakening >>" by blueguy
Week of May 15, 2005
"The Pokemon Detective" by Breezy
Week of May 31, 2005
"Northbridge" by Vampiric Angel
Week of June 5, 2005 "an letter off complaint!!!" by Breezy
Week of July 3, 2005 "Ionem" by Ionem
Week of July 17, 2005 "Misconception" by Act
Week of August 6, 2005 "Collector" by Sandra's Chargon
Week of August 18, 2005 "Shackles" by Dragonfree
Week of August 20, 2005 "Choice and Consequence by purple_drake

If you have any more questions, post them here. The list will be updated weekly.

Entire thread edit: August 18, 2005

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