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    Originally Posted by adeem View Post
    Zel: No, in GSC these moves were not TM moves, they could be learned by a move tutor Goldenrod for some game corner coins (but yeah it was only in crystal version, but i think i'm not the only one who you would make happy with these moves ). TM moves were the elemental punches.
    zel modified the TM list to look GSC-ish, but he kept some of them, like those 3.

    And i think all us who've been here for a while are sick of the save issues, and that happens because ppl DON'T check the 1st page, they only care about is the download and the page they're posting in. I think the only way to solve this would be to put a header on each page telling ppl to go to the 1st page for all those issues, but unfortunatly i don't think the forums (or vbulletin at all) support that...
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