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    Originally Posted by SonicBlue777 View Post
    I hate grass types, lol

    but I'm intrigued how/where do you get the Mudskip o.0? like where in the water in the union cave? with the old rod? is it very rare? reply back il just get the larvitar then lol
    Problem is that larvitar is 100k...... However, it could take up to 2 hours to find mudkip, it normally takes me approximately that long to find one while playing through the game.

    Originally Posted by XRaikaX View Post
    uhh version X is the harder one? no wonder the chikorita was so tough! ( i had to train my totodile to lv 14 to beat the rival's lv 8 chikorita lol)

    I thought that stupid slowpoke was harder... I mean ffs... It can curse and spam yawn at lv 5...
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