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    Took me forever to even start doing these, much less finishing. Thanks though to me starting to develop some type of insomnia, I got some done (I really need to get to bed before 5 AM!). Well I have to say I love the Thorny Devil I made. It's now one of my favorite/cutest, at least I think so. Also I'm lazy and will be ceasing all the useless junk I had when describing pokemon. I'm now not going to bother to say level or stats of the Pokemon.

    592 - Lighla: Psychic Type. "The markings on its body glow when this Pokemon uses it's psychic powers.
    593 - Darvil: Dark Type. "This Pokemon is known for its visious style of fighting. With it's powerful arms, it can break down entire trees."
    594 - Koalanian - Psychic/Dark Type. "This pokemon shares two very different personalities. It's versatility more than makes up for the lack of a sound mind though." (Currently my idea is that either the Koala or Tasmanian Tiger can evolve into this Pokemon.)

    595 - Echindle: Fire Type. "It is said that you can tell the age of this Pokemon by the number of spikes on its back. No one knows how they get and or grow them."

    596 - Thornz: Fire Type. "The spikes on its back aren't actual flames, they act as a warning. The warning is appropriate though as this Pokemon is a Fire type."
    597 - Frillz: Fire Type. "When being threatened this Pokemon displays its crimson frill. It is said that they also absorb heat through the thrills."

    598 - Smoochum: I don't feel like bothering.
    599 - Jynx: I don't feel like bothering.
    600 - Hexill: Psychic/Ice. "This Pokemon is capable of hypnotizing without even using its psychic powers. It's singing and dancing are said to capture the heart of anything." (Way of evolution pending)

    As a bonus I've made a cool little animation of the Echidna Pokemon:

    Oh and also I was thinking of doing something with the Echidna Pokemon involving Candle Jack but I never thou....
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