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    i wouldnt say that this was a bad tutorial. can i add something?

    if you are gonna be making a new pokemon, first open UnLZ.GBA and find the pokemon you want. click on save as.. then yourpokemonnamehere.png

    open this up in paint, and now there will be a few odd things happening. the palette will only correspond to the exact palette from the game, so you will have to hunt for the colors yourself. secondly, you could use APE and change the palette so that it matches with the one you are making. when you are done, save. go back to UnLZ and click import, following with your image of your new pokemon. then click Write to ROM, and tick to correct pointers, export image and export palette. you could tick the other one if you want to.

    then try it out. if it appears, you've done it right. if it is too big, then resize it in UnLZ and try again.

    EDIT:this only took me 25 minutes to figure out.
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