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Hey Zel

I don't know if you know this but in Pokemon fire Red there is a place
called five island

also the leader of Team Rocket is GIOVANNI

well after you defect him and obtian the 8th badge in Fire Red
then Team Rocket has no leader

or does team rocket have a new leader?

in five island there is the Rocket hideout after Team Rocket runs away on the computer is this...

A report with graphs and text is on the PC monitor. The Influence of Magnetic Waves on POKéMON Evolution .........too difficult to understand

that reminded me of Pokemon GOLD and the lake of rage when the magickarp are focused into Evolotion

then after you beat pokemon fire red go to the place with the guy who gives you the sappire he saids this.....

What, you again? You You're not GIOVANNI's kid, are you? No, that can't be right! GIOVANNI's kid has red hair. You don't have any reasons for bugging me. Leave me alone!

wait... Red hair the only one in the games with red hair in the game is SLIVER

that told me SLIVER is GOIVANNI's son and the leader of Team Rocket

why because you don't vs SLIVER when Team Rocket is around and after you save Kurt Sliver battles you and saids Team Rocket is the worst because they Failed...

So Zel in your hack can you please make it SLIVER the leader of team Rocket because he is....( if not how does Team Rocket do this on there own without a leader)

don't belive look it up in Adance Map

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