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Originally Posted by adeem View Post
Zel: No, in GSC these moves were not TM moves, they could be learned by a move tutor Goldenrod for some game corner coins (but yeah it was only in crystal version, but i think i'm not the only one who you would make happy with these moves ). TM moves were the elemental punches.
Well, you can be happy because BOTH the elemental punches and the Thunderbolt/IceBeam/Flamethrower combo are all TMs (I had my doubts about having it this way, but I think the punches are an asset from the GBC-gen)

Originally Posted by JJK View Post
And i think all us who've been here for a while are sick of the save issues, and that happens because ppl DON'T check the 1st page, they only care about is the download and the page they're posting in. I think the only way to solve this would be to put a header on each page telling ppl to go to the 1st page for all those issues, but unfortunatly i don't think the forums (or vbulletin at all) support that...
We'll just have to stand them a bit longer, but once I change the "Please Exchange Memory" with more detailed instructions about what to do to make the game work, people will realize what to do and those messages will drastically disappear.

Originally Posted by JJK View Post
Ah it's not so hard, if i knew anything about scripting i would ask permission to make a XX version...
The problem would be that in the X version the pokes will reach lv. anyway, so it would be a question of filling up falkners team and such
My idea is that having low level wild Pokemon makes the training harder, considering you face harder trainers. That's why I left the wild Pokemon as in the "normal" version.

Additionally, having all the leaders and other people have full parties right from the start doesnt sound like a good idea. It'd lose a bit of the "normality" of every Pokemon game.

And in the end, we know that the real challenge is always in battling real people. Despite all the efforts you can put, the machine's AI will always give its best to ruin all your strategies >.<

Originally Posted by the dark one View Post
I have a few questions about you're post. 1.
What do you mean "the user"? 2.
What is "MD"? And, are you talking about, the overworld or, the sprite you see in battle (like I was)? 3. Please keep in mind; I have not created a great hack like SG (or finnished ANY hack for that matter) so please forgive my meny questions. You're post has given me an idea, maybe the gyarados could swim in circles (due to its rage), and perhaps (if you like this idea), if you're directly in front of it it triggers the battle. I am aware that the gyarados is stationary in pokemon gold but i think it would be a nice adition to the game, I am not sure if this is posible (or if you want to do it)
but, this is YOU'RE GAME and you must do as you see fit, no-matter what anyone says, and, I'm sure this will be a spectaculer game, no wait, I KNOW IT WILL.

the dark one.

feal free to use my idea in anyway you see fit (including editting it).
I was just refering that I didnt remember if you were the person who sent me the Farfetch'd sprite a few months ago (I still have the PM, though ), just that.

For 2, I was refering to the overworld, because Pokemon will get resprites from Marnic (but, not sure if ALL of them, most likely the Johto ones will have one)

And 3, sounds... interesting. I'll think about it.

Originally Posted by abyssthesavior View Post
well i found out my tms were nevver lost but somehow were(and still are) just inaccessable...but idk if this is the place to ask the newer download i got...i tested the gameshark wpm to find mudkip but...i couldnt...then i used the EXACT same code to find it in the other shiny gold game and...i found can a code for a single game be useable in one copy and unuseable in the other when theyre both the same thing?!?!?!?!?! someone please help me on this!!!


I dont know neither. But, since the problem resides in the use of a cheat I dont care about the problem. Sad, but being honest, I dont like cheats nor cheaters.

Originally Posted by clonex25 View Post
zel, that last minigame's worth the challenge! im am drooling for beta6 (jokes!)

BTW to all the GSC music fanatics, i've included two versions of the low-pitched johto wild pokemon battle (due to insistent public demand). click in the link under my signature.
Hope you and Maginus will be around during the next week, because I'll start with the music insertion and I may need a hand or two

Originally Posted by poddish View Post
Earlier I posted that if you don't get the everstone from elm until after you beat the pkmn league, you can't get the master ball, well there's another glitch I found, I was playing, and some pokeballs just appeared in the balls slot, AND 1 OF THEM WAS A MASTERBALL!!! Anyway you should fix both because it could work the other way around: ie: you lose some balls.
Havent you used any cheat? Because for me the game is quite stable, and unless the weird problem happens to me, I cant work on a solution for a problem that I dont have.

Originally Posted by prince112 View Post
Dude, Team Rocket has Executives to give commands to them.
In the original they were trying to make Giovanni come back, but Gold/Crystal makes their plans fail. That's part of the GSC plot and cannot be changed. It wouldnt be Gold otherwise.

Originally Posted by IceCharizard View Post
Hey zel are you going to include the day/night system?
Not in my list of priorities. I leave open the possibility in a future but it's not like "Oh, I'm desperate to have day/night in my game", if it happens, it happens, if not...


Alright. As I said in one of my earlier posts, I'll be asking for the thread to be closed for another while. I have finished all the minigames which means I wont have anything to show until I start to beta test. And for that, I need to finish the last puzzle of the Trick House (in the end, seemed that I had planned three puzzles instead of two); then, decide and insert the tracks clonex and Magnius have been showing you; finally, do the heavy first run of bug fixing. After that, comes the beta testing and the thread will be reopened.

I guess the bug fixing is what will get me more busy, unless we get problems while inserting tracks (I doubt it), but, of course, I have no idea of how much time it'll require. Bug fixing is tedious so if I'm not with the best mood, it could take a while. Of course, if you will ask me in PMs or Profile messages "when will you release Beta6?", you will get my usual "I dont know" for answer (if you get any, I may not reply to you if I'm annoyed enough ')

Alright. The thread will be closed, so dont waste your time in asking me anything here. Better do it in the Profile if you have anything really important to ask.
And, if you have a question about Gameplay, the SG Help Thread is still open, so post there:

That's all. Till I reopen the thread (I'll still be active on the forums, just in case you were wondering... Oh well, as active as I can be, you are probably used to my scarce activity, arent you?)

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