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Hey! I just gotten into scripting but still am unsure of a few things.

I wanted to start out with something simple though, just a basic movement/text script so I won't leave town without the first badge.

Here it is: Decreasing size so it won't take up space. (am unsure on how to do spoiler..)

#Dynamic 0x194
#org @BadgeOne
checkflag 0x820
if 0x0 goto @needbadge1
if 0x1 goto @havebadge1
#org @needbadge1
msgbox @nobadge
boxset 0x6
applymovement 0xEventNumber @goback
waitmovement 0x0
#org @nobadge
= Wait, I don't have a badge/nwithout that I can't go!
#org @goback
#raw 0x03
#raw 0x07
#raw 0x07
#raw 0x00
#raw 0x04
#raw 0x04
#raw 0x04
#raw 0x04
#raw 0xFE
#org @havebadge1

The part that confused me is the event number

"applymovement 0xEventNumber @goback"

Put as 0xFF in the tutorial. How exactly am I supposed to know what event I'm using, or how to find which I'm using? I might have later questions but I'll try to compile them all into one post next time. I just wanted to know this to start off. Also, am I making any other mistakes?

Edit: This is just a mess-around script btw. The offset isn't real, but the rest of it is. (Besides the Event Number which confused me)