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    Hack Name: Pokemon Cirrus

    Hack of: Sapphire

    Additional information: Takes place in a new region, Arpulso, which is a mostly mountainous terrain, but with forest and prarie towards the west. In so, I would perfer new gym leaders/ elite 4. There are not any fakemon. A wish that I would be willing to compermise if it isn't feasable, is putting in seasons. I do already have a region map if you would like to see it.

    My Hacking Skills: I love mapping and already have about 20% done. I would be willing to make sprites, but would perfer not to.

    Finished: Mapping=15-20%, Gym leader/villain sprites=0%, Scripting=0%

    What I'm Looking For: A scripter. Also, much less importantly, a spriter. (I would be willing to map a region of yours if you will script mine.)

    Contact Me: MSN: [email protected] Feel free to contact me if you have an idea or want to help.

    Additional Info: I don't mind if you're slow (I am, too), but please be persistant.