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    A Pokémon Fanfic by Solovino88

    Story Information

    (reworded from the first announcement)
    Because the measure of success in life is not always as simple as being offered a high–ranking position in Team Rocket.

    Let's follow Pokémon Racer Darius Mezze as he tries to understand the mysteries behind this offer of a lifetime. Shall he complete a little mission for Team Rocket, the position and privileges of an Admin will be granted to him. But... what does it mean when not only his contact officer does not know the nature of the mission, but also this so called mission seems to consist in finding and battling a lost old friend of his, who has conveniently resurfaced very recently?

    On hiatus, as of Apr. 2009.
    Finished Ch. III.
    Writing Ch. V to VIII.
    Beta Reader
    (as of Apr. 2009)
    Artwork Contributors
    No one yet
    (as of Apr. 2009)



    2009-04-17 — Chapter III is up! With dreams and night come some revelations. Story to go on hiatus until Jun. 2009
    2009-01-20 — Chapter II is up! Someone is hiding something, and hiding something about that, too...
    2008-11-16 — Chapter I is up. The adventure and the mysteriies truly begin.
    2008-10-26Looking for a Beta ReaderFound!
    2008-10-26 — Introductory chapter featuring corrections from An-chan, Xanthine.
    2008-10-18First published: Preface and Introductory Chapter.


    Me owns no Pokémon. If I did, Nidos would get more love. Oh and Trozei would be erased from existence.

    The brand, the creatures and the Pokémon World are all © by Nintendo.

    Darius, Syd and Lou are Original Characters by me.

    Table of Contents

    Preface and Introduction (=>This post)
    The Story
    1. The Interview published 2008-11-16
    2. Light Debriefing published 2009‑01‑20
    3. Leaving to Route 22 published 2009-04-17
    4. The Road of the Battles (status: TBA)
    5. Help by the Rules (status: TBA)
    6. Mission Time: Zero (status: TBA)
    7. The Boy who Knew Too Much About Saffron City (status: TBA)

    • Check the sample I did for the Beta Place.
    • in the works » Character Bios



    Welcome, my readers, to “Elusive Goals”, my first published Pokémon-related fanfiction project.

    As most FF writers, I started as a kid, writing my own OT, and I'm not embarrassed to admit. However, I grew up, years went by, and only recently I returned to the world of fanfiction writing. I decided it would be great to rewrite that childish work to meet the higher standard and practices I had learn through the years, starting by setting a spin-off of my original fanfic.

    For this work, and for the rewrite of my entire series as a whole, I have done a lot of research, as I usually do when I write FF for an universe I like, and mostly because the original story was written by a kid version of me, so many years ago. As a reference I can tell you I'm also currently writing FF works for universes such as Bambi, Final Fantasy VI, Pokémon and “24”. Due to the amount of information I needed for quality, I have set up a “wiki” (a software like the one that runs Bulbapedia) to keep everything in order: it allows me to easily manage things such as character profiles and maps, as well as easily detect plot holes and contradictions. But of course that does not mean I don't require external assistance.

    For this project, Bulbapedia, the FR/LG series, and the anime have been my main source research. I will try to portray some elements of the Pokémon world in a sensible way, in particular battles, as I'll have to write a lot of them. I'll try to have credible character development, too. Also, as English is not my natural language and my lexicon is mostly restricted to technical terms, I will do my best to do good enough descriptions as well as learn new vocabulary at the same time.

    My intention by publishing here instead of is to get peer review, since my other published works have received no constructive criticism yet. Requesting/hiring a Beta Reader and an Official Artist are some of the plans I have for the future, but right now I want to at least to prove myself worthy of the help by showing what I can do myself; after all, FF and reviewing are done essentially for free.

    Before starting, I want to thank in advance the following Pokecommunity users for the help and inspiration provided:

    Hiidoran, for welcoming me and directing me to the relevant sections of the site.
    An-chan and jeffback, for their counseling and support.
    The writers of the excellent guides in the Writer's Lounge, in particular Lily.
    An-chan and Xanthine for reviews on the introductory chapter.

    Well... enough said. I will let you advance to the introductory chapter, where you will get a glimpse of the story, and, at a wider scale, of my writing style. I will be of course waiting for constructive criticism, as well as questions.

    Enjoy your reading.


    It was a beautiful morning in Viridian City. The rising sun bathed the city and the namesake, gigantic forest to the north with its warmth, giving its power to countless creatures to face the new day.

    In the middle of the hotel room, warmed up by the sunlight beaming through the white curtains, a male figure could be heard snoring. Suddenly, the sound of an old telephone ring filled the hotel room. It took a while for a left hand to appear from beneath the sheets, veering tentatively until it retrieved the golden handset before it could ring for the sixth time.

    From the other side of the line came a feminine, quite singular and obviously not recorded voice.

    “Good morning, Mr. Mezze. This is the Vaduemur Hôtel's 'Wakeup Service'. It's eight AM in the morning, and you have requested to be awakened this early.”

    A low grumbling was heard, as the young raised his other hand and started messing with his curly, blue hair.

    'Mister'--?” the young said to himself. “Come on... I'm not that old.

    Still scratching his head, he slowly moved to a more comfortable position while holding the headset, as he answered.

    “Thanks... awww,” he greeted, as he managed to catch a yawn, “... sorry, I guess-- any messages?”

    “No messages, Mr. Mezze.”

    “Yeah... I see...”

    “But VIP Services wants us to remind you about the pickup van for the tour you requested. It will arrive at nine A.M., Sir.”

    "Van...?" The mattress revolted and the sheets fell to one side as the young, fairly tall man with tanned skin and a tatoo in his right shoulder, came fully to his senses, complete with the opening of light maroon eyes, which instantly turned over to face the pillow. He searched under to retrieve a white, standard-size envelope. White in colour and marked with a single letter: a red «R», engraved into the seal.

    I forgot... the meeting is today...” thought Darius Mezze as he raised the envelope to have a better look at it. He remembered then he was still holding the headset and stretching its cord, so he hopped from the bed while throwing the envelope towards the nightstand. It fell there gracefully, next to a case.

    “Oh... yes, thanks for the call. I will require no further assistance for the rest of my stay” he said.

    “Well then, it is our pleasure to be of service.”

    “Yes, thanks again. Good bye.”

    Darius was about to hang up when the woman to the other side let out what seemed to be a shriek, cut off just as the headset pushed against the phone hook. Almost out of instinct, Darius eagerly drew the phone to his head again.

    “What is it?” he yelled. “Is there a problem? Hello---!”

    “Sorry, Mr. Mezze,” said the woman, caught by surprise, “but... well, a message had just arrived for you.”

    “Yes--? Oh well...” mumbled Darius, relaxing a little. He felt embarrassed and a little disappointed; not that he wanted a damsel to be in peril, but that was not exactly the point.

    “What's that about?,” he inquired.

    “Oh... ”

    The woman was apparently more embarrassed than he was, and Darius could swear he heard something like coughed up laughter from other women at the other end. Despite that, his interlocutor continued her report:

    “A message from the Stables Manager, sir. They thank you for your preference and wish you the best of lucks in the Indigo Tournament.”

    Darius smiled to himself and replied with a simple thank you. Then he swiftly hung up the phone and gpt up from the bed, heading directly to the showers, while leering back to the envelope in the nightstand.

    Eighteen minutes later, Darius exited the hotel room, dressed in casual attire, consisting of sport shoes, plain sepia cotton trousers, an asparagus-coloured t-shirt, and grey-and-blue jacket. As he walked down the corridor he produced a baseball cap and put it on. He moved quickly yet silently, each door he left behind leading to a still sleeping guest.

    “Lovely girl! I'm here!”

    The object of the call, a yellow-coloured horse-like creature, lifted her head to meet the voice. A long horn proudly protruded from her forehead, right in the center of the square formed by her hard, pointy-shaped ears, and her jade green eyes, that scouted the yard to fixate on the human figure waving at her. Darius smirked, walking closer to meet this horse who, like all the creatures of her species, had a particular and notable trait: a mane not made of fur, scales, hide or any other substance, but of streaks of perpetual and wild orange-red flames. This was the species of Pokémon called Rapidash.

    Darius got closer to the female Rapidash and hugged her, holding her muzzle, his hands and his body impervious to the flames. A mystical attribute of this species that would allow their individuals to burn anything, except that which they deemed trustworthy. In this case, the human who has cared for and raised her ever since he was a child.

    Darius grabbed some food from a pot and offered to Rapidash, but she refused, having already eaten plenty. Instead she neighed happily and poked Darius several times with her muzzle; in response, Darius got even closer and kissed her neck. But then he stepped back, producing a spherical, bicoloured object from his belt, called a Poké Ball.

    “Lovely, we should leave now... Ready?”

    As an answer, the Rapidash neighed and nodded her head. Darius pointed the device towards Rapidash and a red light, emitted from the device, instantly engulfed her body, which apparently dissolved into the light, adding a particular brightness to it. The beam of light then returned to the device, as Darius blinked and nodded to himself while hooking the Poké Ball onto his belt. He then turned heels, for he had only a couple of minutes to say goodbye to the staff of the Stables.

    It did not take to long, even considering the fact that Darius kept receiving one present after another, usually in the form of flower buckets, from the older members of the staff. The manager herself parted him with a recommendation letter, assuring Darius that his tips for a better maintenance of the facilities would be “actually kept a secret.”

    Loaded with presents, Darius dashed towards the Main Hall, and handed all of them to his designated butler, instructing him to “keep them safe” until his return. Then he headed straight towards the hotel entrance, pondering how this day had come to be.

    Darius had always been a person who would struggle to attain his goals in life. His perception of power and success, unlike that of may other people he knew, relied on a potential ability to sit down and enjoy whatever he could have done with his life. And he was noted because of that. Other people back home, regarded “power” as a tool that should be used to achieve greatness, prosperity or immunity, no matter who was crushed beneath: they would not hesitate to use money, politics, or even Pokémon, to achieve their goals. Then there were others, more of a rarity, like a friend Darius once had, who treated “power” as an ironic curse: one they could rid of only by letting themselves succumb into it, clearing their goals with ease and then pondering back, looking for a sense of peace. For Darius it was different: life had offered him many paths, and “power” was simply one of them all.

    That is why it surprised and shocked him when, after gaining the Celadon Gym Badge, he was contacted at the very outside of the building by a man in black, wearing a cap and a Gatsby. The man spoke and Darius was offered to become part of something... two words the world associated with mischievous, ruthless, and ultimately evil activities. That man told Darius he was a “fine prospect”, and that he had more choices to make himself to achieve “true power”, and thus exploring this new choice would be the logical path to follow. He only had to pass the requirement of eight Gym Badges and wait for instructions in a specific hotel in Viridian City. Which, out of some form of curiosity, he did.

    Darius' mind quickly snapped back to the real world, and his mood was softened by the sunlight and the fragrances of the nearby forest. He hopped downstairs to the main street, and only stopped in the next to last step, when he noticed an exploration van, branded with the flag of the Silph Company, parked nearby. A man dressing in a lab coat and wearing a somewhat large Gatsby was at the wheel.

    Impersonating a research institute? And one of world renown... These guys sure are smart...

    Darius would not hesitate, however: his mind was already set. Smiling to himself, he jumped the last steps and walked across the ground, patterned with a design of marble leaves, towards the door that was now opened for him, to take the passenger seat.

    I don't know why do they want me, of all people. Heck, maybe they got some names wrong,” thought Darius as he fastened the seatbelt, not daring to look at the other man. “Or maybe they did get the name right, and I do have something they want.”

    As the car's engine started, one last thought crossed Darius' mind.

    Either way, today I will find out.

    And so Darius departed... to his interview with Team Rocket.

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