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    As I posted below, I've been thinking about taking a more realistic, real-world approach to Pokemon. Something along the lines of "What if Pokemon were real in the Los Angeles area?"

    As it stands now, in the real world, civilization and wilderness don't mix together like they do in the Pokemon world.

    I want to make a Pokemon game that represents this. There will be cities and towns, but they will all be connected without wild areas in between, as this is how most developed areas are. In real life, to get from your home city to the next city over, you don't have to walk down a dirt path where wild bears are going to jump out at you. (At least not in urban/suburban areas.)

    Instead, there will be unsettled areas that players will have to travel to in order to catch Pokemon. It's similar to hunting. If you live in a city and want to go hunting, you can't just walk down the road and shoot the first wild animal you see. Mainly because there aren't many wild animals just running around a suburban neighborhood. You actually have to travel to a location where hunting is allowed and animals are abundant.

    The same concept would be applied to the game.

    Original idea that grew into the idea above.

    I was thinking about how the regions in Pokemon games are based on parts of Japan, then I thought "Why not make a game where the regions are based on a different country?" And from this simple thought, the idea of Pokemon: America Version was born. (Of course the title will be changed to something "cooler" if I ever make this a reality.)

    So the proposed idea is this: Have the player start in a major U.S. city, such as New York or Los Angeles. There are no longer "Routes" because everything is like the U.S. in real life. You can take public transportation, such as buses and subways, or call for taxis. Since there are no routes, I'm sure you're wondering where all the wild Pokemon will be. There will be certain outlying "Wilderness Areas." These areas are the preserved natural parts of the U.S., such as National Forests, Parks, etc. Some examples include Yosemite National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, the Angeles National Forest, and Rio Grande National Forest.

    Once you have completed your objectives in a certain city, you will be given a plane ticket by someone (The Professor?) and fly to another city.

    The cities I plan to include for certain are Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Miami, Houston, Honolulu, Chicago, St. Louis, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Other cities may be included as well.

    PM me with this information.

    Proof of work:

    I'll PM you letting you know if you've been chosen.

    Tile Spriter
    This is one of the most important positions needed to make this game happen. I want the game to have either a GBA or DS feel (I haven't decided yet) but I want each city to look like the actual city it represents. This means skyscrapers, streets, sidewalks, small shops, etc.

    Character Spriter
    This isn't as important, as I was just planning on using the GBA or DS sprites from someone's set, but I will need people to make custom sprites for certain important characters, specifically the hero/heroine.

    I'd like to think I'm a competent mapper, but it would be nice to have people working with me on this, since the maps will likely be quite large. I'm thinking of compressing the cities, but creating something like 5-10 realistic city blocks.

    Creative Thinkers
    I'm pretty set here, but anyone who has good ideas for plot, sidequests, etc. can apply for this position.

    I'm still trying to concentrate on my main project, Blue: Epilogue, but if enough people apply to help me with this, I'd gladly shift my time over here.
    My computer died, and I lost ALL of my files.
    I'm working to get Pokémon: Yesterday's Journey back into development, but I'll need all the help I can get.

    If you can script or sprite and would be interested in helping me bring my prized project back to life, please PM me! Thanks!

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