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    Originally Posted by CoN~ View Post
    Well it sounds interesting.

    I'm personally not the biggest fan of America, but whatever.
    It doesn't necessarily have to be America. I've been thinking more, and I might just turn it into a more realistic, real-world interpretation of Pokemon.

    As it stands now, in the real world, civilization and wilderness don't mix together like they do in the Pokemon world.

    I want to make a Pokemon game that represents this. There will be cities and towns, but they will all be connected without wild areas in between, as this is how most developed areas are. In real life, to get from your home city to the next city over, you don't have to walk down a dirt path where wild bears are going to jump out at you. (At least not in urban/suburban areas.)

    Instead, there will be unsettled areas that players will have to travel to in order to catch Pokemon. It's similar to hunting. If you live in a city and want to go hunting, you can't just walk down the road and shoot the first wild animal you see. Mainly because there aren't many wild animals just running around a suburban neighborhood. You actually have to travel to a location where hunting is allowed and animals are abundant.

    The same concept would be applied to the game.
    My computer died, and I lost ALL of my files.
    I'm working to get Pokémon: Yesterday's Journey back into development, but I'll need all the help I can get.

    If you can script or sprite and would be interested in helping me bring my prized project back to life, please PM me! Thanks!

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