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    Originally Posted by Bludycomicsinc View Post
    Everyone knows that a shiny magikarp is a very hard Pokemon to get. You can't chain em' (at least I thought a could by DDD'SSCEPTILE video. But then I found out it was a hoax once I got rick rolled') you can't chain em'. Pretty much the only thing you can do is fish until you finally have them on the hook. But I found an easier way to get the elusive shiny magikarp. All you have to do is buy a shiny magikarp. What you should do is get a copy of Pokemon firered or leafgreen. Then you have to go to the pokemon center right before Mt. Moon. There should be a man selling magikarps. Here you save. You also need 500 poke. Buy the magikarp. Check it in your party and see if it's shiny. If it's not shiny soft reset and do it again. I'm going to go try it.

    Happy Hunting!

    Yeah, you can do that. In fact it's the easier method thanks to D/P and it's weird "get a fish every 3 minutes" deal.

    It comes at the cost of not being able to Synchronize a nature though...
    But as frustrating as it is to fish in the games that can Synchronize things, this may be the way to go.

    You can also do this is R/S/E, in Sootopolis City. Prferably Emerald since Synchronization works there. Magikarps are on the surface area. Just SURF around a while, or use Sweet Scent.

    I may try this in my 2nd Emerald.... hmmm......

    Thanks for giving me the idea dude!

    3rd Gen shinies FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

    Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..


    I just realized I can do this on my new GBA SP.

    Epic. :D
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